Segment 3: Highlighting Climate Solutions that Can Be Implemented on a Global Scale

A Session by Angelique Ahlström, Gianni Chianetta, Bjornar Egede-Nissen, Danielle Smith, Dr. Andrew Smith, Paul H. Stevers, Daryl Wilson and Jorge Gastelumendi
Flash Forest, Global Solar Council, Drawdown Toronto, Alberta Enterprise Group, Rodale Institute, Think Renewables Group, Inc., Hydrogen Council and Atlantic Council

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About this session

This segment will be focused on technologies that can help the world rise to the challenge on climate change. In addition to giving audiences hope that it is possible to adequately mitigate climate change, it may motivate them to support bold action in order to do so. There are a wide range of solutions that mitigate or adapt to climate change (Climate Solutions) that can be implemented on a global scale. This set of presentations will only focus on Climate Solutions that mitigate climate change.

For more information, see: Climate Solutions That Can Be Implemented on a Global Scale (or

a) Session Moderator: Paul Stevers, President and CEO, Think Renewables Group and Co-founder, ClimateSAN.

a) Scaling-up solar energy around the world by Gianni Chianetta, Chair, Global Solar Council.

b) Opportunity to rapidly expand the hydrogen economy by Daryl Wilson, Executive Director, Hydrogen Council.

c) Nature based solutions: Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Carbon Solution by Dr. Andrew Smith, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Scientist, Rodale Institute.

d) Opportunity for mass reforestation with tree planting by drone technology by Angelique Ahlstrom, Flash Forest.

e) Opportunity for Blue Hydrogen on a global scale, Danielle Smith, President, Alberta Enterprise Group

f) A comprehensive guide to global climate solutions by Bjørnar Egede-Nissen, Co-Chair, Drawdown Toronto.

Categories covered by this session

Angelique Ahlström

Co-founder at Flash Forest

Gianni Chianetta

CEO, Global Solar Council

Bjornar Egede-Nissen

Co-chair of Drawdown Toronto

Danielle Smith

President at Alberta Enterprise Group

Paul H. Stevers

Co-founder, Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN).

Jorge Gastelumendi

Director, Global Policy Director at Atlantic Council Race to Resilience Co-Lead, COP26 High Level Climate Champions

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